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Efficient Solutions for Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Businesses, and individual with unique needs.

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Solve Your Case With Top Private Investigtors

Since 1990, Patti James Investigations in Houston, Texas has been providing outstanding services for major clients. We deal with a variety of businesses and firms who need an effective investigation plan for their specific case.

Mission and Vision

Our goal is to provide a positive result for you and your case needs while maintaining a low profile. We are interested in results for you, not recognition for our firm.

Why Choose Us

Our company has a proven track record. You can depend on us to deliver excellent results using our vast experience, reliability and confidentiality. Your privacy is important to us.


It is a violation of Texas State Law to use an unlicensed investigator in the gathering of evidence (Texas Occupations Code 1702.104). Click on the Texas Bar Journal link below for more information on this important issue:

Things Are Not Always As As They Appear

Did the break-in occur from the inside out or outside in? Did the witness really observe what he/she described to you? We love to harrow out information and uncover the facts. We aren’t content simply to unearth something, bring the investigation to a close,  and report  it. We keep working until we find as much attainable truth as possible.

Our case results are such  that we are comfortable bearing witness to, or candidly admit that’s all we could legally uncover.  Everything is done in a lawful, ethical manner, in a way that will help you win your case in the court of opinion or a court of law.  Our agents are trained not to simply fill-in-the-blanks.