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Uncover the Truth With a Variety of Investigative Solutions

Based in Houston, TX, Patti James Investigations is a business providing services to major clients like attorneys, law firms, and insurance companies. We gather the evidence you need using the latest investigative methods and techniques.

What Makes Us Special

With the multitude of investigators in Houston and throughout Texas, you have a choice. We don’t want to just get your business. We want to get your business, earn your confidence, and form a long term working relationship with you. We will use every legal investigative tool and source available to help place you in a winning position.


We want to


Areas of Expertise

  • Surveillance / Video / Photography

  • Criminal & Civil Cases

  • Asset Searches

  • Personal Injury

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Pre-employment Research

  • Background Investigations

  • Copyright / Counterfeit

  • Product and Premises Liability

  • Undercover – Covert Operations

  • Witness Location / Skip Tracing

  • Witness Interviews & Statements

If you need additional services that are not included in the list, please do not hesitate to let us know. We would be glad to provide other investigative solutions for your specific case.